Quantum computing cloud platform

Taurus SpinQ Cloud links multiple quantum computing systems. Users can access multiple quantum computing hardware devices, such as the NMR system and the superconducting chip system through the cloud platform. SpinQ Cloud supports multiple types of quantum programming, including graphical interface programming, QASM, pulse sequences, etc. The platform is concise and easy to use, providing quantum enthusiasts with a convenient approach to learn and research quantum computing.


Superconducting Quantum Chip EDA

QEDA is a highly automated superconducting quantum chip EDA design software developed by SpinQ. This product generates quantum devices through parameterization and excellent automatic wiring algorithms, QEDA enabling fast and efficient chip design and iteration. It not only helps industry professionals improve the efficiency of chip design but also enables enthusiasts of superconducting quantum computing to quickly get started and participate in chip design.


Quantum computing software kit

Independently developed by the software team of SpinQ, it supports quantum programming based on Python, provides users with rich quantum algorithm interfaces, and supports cross-platform operation, realizes terminal connection with quantum computer, quantum simulator, quantum computing cloud platform, and provides new, flexible and efficient software tools for developers or scientific research enthusiasts.


Quantum computing software

Running with quantum computer, SpinQuasar is used to control several quantum computers like “Gemini”, “Triangulum” for quantum computing demonstration and customize quantum computing. It provides multiple real and simulate quantum experiments, and supports end-user visit by internet. SpinQuasar is fit for professional education and some simple scientific research.