Superconducting Quantum Computer

Superconducting quantum computer uses superconducting circuit with Josephson junction for quantum computing. The qubit is form by the macroscopic quantum phenomena of superconducting circuit. Superconducting qubit is easy to expand, it has gates with high fidelity, and multi-qubits coupling can be controlled. Superconducting quantum computing system is one of the most physical platforms which promising to realized massive quantum computing.


Superconducting Quantum Chip

QPU is a type of quantum chip based on superconducting materials. It uses superconducting qubits as the basic unit for quantum computation and has advantages such as long coherence time, fast operation speed, and high fidelity. Superconducting qubits are constructed from superconducting quantum circuits, which with superconducting Josephson junctions as the core. Due to the unique macroscopic quantum effects, superconducting qubits also known as “artificial atom”. By using precisely designed pulse sequences, high-fidelity quantum logic gate operations can be achieved, and quantum algorithms can be completed.


VegaSuperconducting Qubit Measurement and Control System

Superconducting quantum measurement and control system (Vega), specialized on superconducting qubit experiments, is a quantum computing control system that uses radio frequency pulses to manipulate and measure the quantum state of qubits. As an important part of the superconducting quantum computer, Vega plays an indispensable role of controlling the operation on quantum chips. Vega, independently designed and developed by SpinQ, has several advantages like high performance and functional integration.